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Chris Minh Doky

Chris Minh Doky stands out as one of the most talented bass players in contemporary music. He is regarded among the masters of the upright bass widely recognized for his passionate delivery and extraordinary technical gifts. As expressed by Down Beat Magazine: "...there is a softness and grips clarity that is very different from the sound others derive from the acoustic instrument". Doky carries on the distinct Danish bass tradition of the acoustic bass being a lead instrument with musical roots deriving from his love of American East Coast grooves and the lyric tradition of Scandinavia, Doky has developed a distinctive sounds as well as created a style that is uniquely his own. For more than two decades he has been recognized as an innovative master of the upright bass. His latest album Scenes From a Dream is his 11th solo album and his first album released at Red Dot Music.

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Scenes From a Dream
28. August 2010

Chris Minh Doky

Scenes From a Dream is a classic jazz trio recording with Vince Mendoza and the Metropole orchestra. With the bass in front as the lead voice, stemming from the Danish tradition, Doky has made an album that is both sensual and artistic at the same time. Doky sees this album as a milestone that he could not have made earlier. The album moves in a fresh direction and is another testament of Doky’s versatility. On Scenes From a Dream, his 11th solo album, Chris Minh Doky finds himself in close collaboration with his long time friends, pianist Larry Goldings and drummer Peter Erskine.

Celebrated for Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now, Björk and Robbie Williams; conductor, arranger and Grammy winner Vince Mendoza and the Metropole Orchestra completes the line up on this acclaimed and cinematic album.

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Scenes From a Dream - Chris Minh Doky - 28.08.10

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