RELEASES / DR Big Band feat. Norby, Gustafsson and Nergaard

DR Big Band feat. Norby, Gustafsson and Nergaard

Jazz Divas of Scandinavia | 23. February 2009

For the first time ever the three most significant female jazz vocalist of Scandinavia are gathered on a single album. Jazz Divas of Scandinavia beautifully documents the meeting of the legendary DR Big Band and the three distinct jazz vocal traditions of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Norby, Nergaard and Gustafsson have each defined female jazz vocal in Scandinavia over the last 10 years and have spearheaded the current surge of talented new female jazz singers. The three women each have an impressive career in their native countries as well as around the world. The collaboration with the DR Big Band is undoubtedly the ultimate experience of Scandinavian jazz vocal. 

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DR Big Band - Jazz Divas - 23.01.09

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